TLC200 DTC — P0046, P0047, P0048, P004B, P004C, P004D

A situation known to many land Cruiser 200 owners — a check engine light is on, 4LO flashes, etc., while the car does not «drive» at all, the rpm does not rise more than 2500. If you have such a situation, the first step is to find out the error codes.

This cruiser has a code P0047, it indicates problems with the control of one turbine and is most often due to a faulty wiring or turbine control unit. The two turbine control units were installed in a very original way, they chose the dirtiest place in the car, and they put it there. They are located under the right front fender and are absolutely not protected from dirt flying from the wheel.

toyota land cruiser tirbine problems

the codes may be different, if you have errors P0046, P0047, P0048, P004B, P004C, P004D, urgently check the condition of the wiring and turbine control units. In the early stages, they can still be saved.

code p0046 p0047 p0048 p004B p004C p004D description

Having removed the fender liner, you will most likely see such a picture, this is the turbine control units 89840-60011, 89840-60010, 89878-60050, they are located under this layer of dirt.

turbocharger control units in mud

remove the control units, for this you need to unscrew two bolts and one nut. On the removed unit, you need to carefully check the health of the wiring, it happens that it decays near the connectors so that it is not immediately visible.

turbocharger control units in mud

The error usually occurs on one side and in order to determine what is defective, the control unit or the turbine, the easiest way is to swap the blocks, if the error goes to the other side, then the problem with the unit, if it remains the same, check the wiring and the turbine itself.

This is the cause of the malfunction in our case, the sealant on which the block cover is glued deteriorated from time and chemicals, and the cover began to move away, the tightness was broken and water, of course, got inside the 89878-60050 block. The aluminum of the case is also corroded by chemistry, sometimes even to the point of holes.

the new block is expensive

However, we do not despair, perhaps this block can still be restored. We disassemble the block. Forget about just unscrewing the bolts of the blocks and the cover with a screwdriver, you need a drill and a grinder. The bolts are completely rusted. The sealant on which the block is glued is dry and no longer seals anything.

This is what a faulty unit looks like inside, white bloom is water, salt, road reagents. All this must be removed, the rotten tracks must be restored. The board must be removed from the block, on the other side the picture is even worse, more water gets there. And everything is most important there — the processor, the power supply of the unit, the turbine motor driver. If the legs of the processor, square in the right corner, have rotted, then alas, the block is in the trash heap. Well, or to us for spare parts.

In this case, the block was completely restored. The second unit also underwent prophylaxis, its condition was not much better. The blocks are checked and fully functional. The boards after repair are covered with acrylic varnish. After that, the turbine control units are of course moved under the hood.