Drill instead of car engine

Such an unusual experiment decided to hold a fun and a little crazy (in a good way) guys from «Garage 54», well-known for their unthinkable experiments on cars. They tried this and logs instead of wheels, and several motors on one car, you name it. Don’t know where they get their ideas, but ideas they have a lot)

For this experiment, they took the car VAZ 2104 without an engine and making a special adapter on the input shaft of the gearbox began to try to move the car. And I must say that they succeeded, even the screwdriver was able to move the car. The electric drill on 1kW very easily and naturally carries the car on the first transfer. But that’s not all, then these cheerful guys have adapted under the hood of a powerful low-speed drill on the roof of the car installed a gasoline generator and thus received the world’s first Lada with a hybrid power plant!